Block 1 Section 30 Deakin

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The Proponent and Project Team

The Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn (ADCG), the lessee for Block 1 Section 30 Deakin, has engaged COX Architecture and Purdon Planning as the lead consultants for the redevelopment of their site.

The Proposal

ADCG is proposing to redevelop Block 1 Section 30 Deakin (44 Macartney Crescent and 16 Newdegate Street).

The development proposal includes the demolition of all existing structures on site and construction of eight (8) two-storey supportive housing dwellings. A select choice in building materials will help to emulate the surrounding suburban character. All eight dwellings will be designed to incorporate adaptable features and will be marketed to over 55 year olds as ‘ageing-in-place’ residences.

The Site

The site is located on an island (Block 1 Section 30 Deakin), with an area of 5909m2. It is accessible off Adelaide Avenue, via Kent Street.

Locality Map Locality Map

Site Map Site Map

Statutory Planning Context

The subject site is situated on Community Facility Land, under which ‘supportive housing’ is a permissible use. Under the Territory Plan definition, supportive housing dwellings must be adaptable and be serviced by a Territory approved organization. In line with this provision, various services will be offered, including, but not limited to, each dwelling being fitted with an emergency call button and regular ground maintenance undertaken. The proposed development sits well within all guidelines of the Territory Plan regarding height and setbacks.

Stakeholder Engagement and Feedback

An initial project briefing was provided to the Deakin Residents Association (DRA) committee on 26 July 2017. A letterbox drop to nearby residents was undertaken during the week of 7 August.

The project team also attended a public meeting held by the DRA on 16 August 2017 at 6.30pm at the Canberra Bridge Club, Deakin, in which they provided a detailed Power Point Presentation on the proposed development and responded to questions and comments on the night. Approximately 55 community members attended, including Shane Rattenbury (MLA) and Elizabeth Lee (MLA). In addition to questions raised by the community (see responses below), comments were received congratulating the church on the modest and sensitive approach to development.

Concept Plan Concept Plan

Indicative Materials Palette Indicative Materials Palette Shadow Diagrams enter image description here

Landscape Plan enter image description here

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Key Benefits

  • Provides ‘ageing-in-place’ accommodation

  • Increases housing diversity for ageing population in local area

  • Close to public transport, local facilities and open spaces

  • Well designed, adaptable accommodation

  • Domestic scale, high quality materials

  • Consistent with local residential character and density

  • Lower density development than permissible on site under Territory Plan

  • Retention of major vegetation

  • Regular ground maintenance

Further Information

The following table was compiled by Purdon Planning to address questions raised by the Deakin community, including the DRA, in regard to the development’s design, leasing arrangements and development process.

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Status of Project

A DA has now been lodged for this proposal. At present the DA is still being assessed by ACTPLA but will be available for public comment and submission in the near future. When the DA progresses to public notification, a link to the DA will be provided on this website.